"I discovered Shepard Insurance about 5 years ago, while shopping around for competitive auto insurance policies. Not only were their prices enticing enough to encourage me to sign on with them, but their customer service has been what has kept me a loyal customer for five years. Since that auto policy, I've since purchased a home, and started a new business, both of which are also covered by Shepard. Luz and her team have been great, keeping in step with my every need."



"I want to thank your agency, and especially you for your professionalism. In the years we have been clients, all of our business has been not only straight forward and expedient, but pleasurable. We get all the information we need in an easy to understand way. Your suggestions are always welcome, and have created better protection for us. My wife and I thank you. "


Comprehensive. Convenient.  Competitive.  Caring.  Shepard Insurance Agency provides the insurance you need, with the service you expect, at the prices you want. Click here to request an online quote. Or call us at (888) 284-9489.  We’ll provide you with a range of financial coverage options.

Term Life
Term Life insurance offers coverage for a specified time period, such as 10, 15, 20 or 30 years, or until a specific age.  No cash value is accrued, but if you die during the term period, your heirs receive the full value of the coverage amount.

Universal Life
Universal Life insurance is a flexible policy that provides a death benefit while accruing cash value.

Key Man Life
A form of life insurance to protect businesses in case of the untimely death of the owner or key employees.  While an individual is insured, the company is the beneficiary of the policy, and can use the proceeds to continue operations until it implements a transition plan.

Long Term (Nursing Home) Care
Provides funding for a wide range of medical and support services for people with conditions or illnesses that leave them unable to care for themselves on a daily basis.

Group & Individual Health
If you need health coverage for yourself or family, or would like to make it available to your employees, we offer a number of cost-effective plans that provide thorough coverage.

Disability Income
Protect your family’s financial health in the face of a debilitating disease or condition that leaves you unable to work.