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"I want to thank your agency, and especially you for your professionalism. In the years we have been clients, all of our business has been not only straight forward and expedient, but pleasurable. We get all the information we need in an easy to understand way. Your suggestions are always welcome, and have created better protection for us. My wife and I thank you. "



"Obviously I have been pleased with Shepard Insurance Agency since when I needed to get insurance for all of my daughter's needs I chose Shepard over the other closer agencies. Service and attentiveness are key considerations in this type of relationship."
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There are many discounts that insurance companies offer in order to have as low a premium as possible.

Good Driver
In order to be eligible, a driver must have a verifiable drivers license for at least 3 years and have a driving record of no more than 1 point.

Good Student
This discount if offered to single drivers with usually less than 8 years of driving experience who are attending an approved school on a full time basis and maintain a “B” or better grade point average.  The approved schools usually do not include trade or vocational schools.

Group Discounts
With the proper proof of a college degree or license or credential or ID card, some carriers offer discounts for the professional groups of Engineer, Scientist, or Educator.  Did you know that you qualify for a discount with one of our carriers if your college degree was Mathematics?

Some carriers also offer discounts if you are a member of the California Medical Association or Los Angeles County Bar Association.

Multiple Automobiles
This discount applies to all insureds who have more than one vehicle on their policy.  The vehicles must be garaged at the same address and must be registered and driven by the named insured or other resident and their children.

Multiple Policies
An additional credit is available of up to 20% if you insured your homeowner, condominium/townhome or renters policy with the same carrier. Some carries also offer additional discounts for umbrella policies or policies for additional residences rented to others.

Mature Driver
Some carriers offer this discount which applies to drivers ages 55 and older who have received a driver improvement course certificate from a certified DMV school and who also have a clean driving record.

Anti-Theft Devices
A qualifying factory anti-theft system is eligible for a discount.  Non-factory anti theft devices such as Lojack or Onstar and some others are also eligible for a discount.  Some carriers will waive your comprehensive deductible up to $1,000 if your vehicle has an approved anti-theft tracking device and the vehicle is either stolen and unrecovered or recovered with damage.

Many insurance companies offer identity theft coverage with various maximum limits and some with no deductible to cover expenses to clear up the havoc that identity theft can cause.

These costs can include costs of executing affidavits, lost income replacement (limitations apply), loan re-application fees, attorney fees, and even the cost of long distance phone calls.

Insurance companies also may offer additional free services to assist you in identifying fraudulent accounts, notify credit reporting agencies, help you file police reports, offer legal support, translation services, contact creditors on your behalf and many other helpful areas.

Also, some insurance carriers may offer free credit monitoring services that will be able to keep a constant watch on your credit report and alert you of any unusual changes to your accounts.