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"Here at Integrated Home Construction, we take our business very, very seriously. That’s why when it comes to our insurance needs, we turn to the best: the people of Shepard Insurance Agency."
Van Nuys, CA



"I discovered Shepard Insurance about 5 years ago, while shopping around for competitive auto insurance policies. Not only were their prices enticing enough to encourage me to sign on with them, but their customer service has been what has kept me a loyal customer for five years. Since that auto policy, I've since purchased a home, and started a new business, both of which are also covered by Shepard. Luz and her team have been great, keeping in step with my every need."


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In today's challenging economy, most businesses are being pressured to achieve the same levels of productivity with a reduction in revenue. To ensure your business is getting the most productivity from your valued people, it is vital to know how much time is being spent daily on personal internet use.

Do you know if your employees are planning their next vacation, paying their bills online, or chatting with their friends about plans for the weekend?

The Internet has grown to be as necessary in the office as a computer or a telephone; yet many companies don’t have any tools in place to manage their employees’ Internet use.

Most employees are not driving to the office each morning thinking about how to waste time on the Internet. But it has grown to be an enormous distraction right at their fingertips, and time can quickly get away from them.

An employee can sit down at his or her desk, check the weather forecast, look at the local news Web site, pay a few bills online, write a few e-mails to friends and, before he or she realizes it, it is 10:00 a.m. and no work has been done.

Without having a policy in place and an Employee Internet Monitoring (EIM) solution implemented within the office, your organization is losing valuable productivity and putting the company at risk.

iPrevision's™ products enable you to safeguard your organization by giving you a comprehensive, 360-degree view of employee use of the Internet. This allows you to optimize the value of your people and data with an affordable, scalable, and easy-to-deploy solution for protecting the integrity of your organization. In addition, many employment practices liability insurance carriers offer discounts on their policies for employers for using an iPrevision™ device.

To best protect your business, visit or call us at (818) 508-9925 or (661) 902-0360 for a free Employment Practices Liability quote. For more information about obtaining an EIM solution, visit