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"Obviously I have been pleased with Shepard Insurance Agency since when I needed to get insurance for all of my daughter's needs I chose Shepard over the other closer agencies. Service and attentiveness are key considerations in this type of relationship."
Los Angeles



"Thank You for taking such great care of our family. You not only saved us several hundred dollars over our previous insurance carrier but also made sure all of our insurance needs were well taken care of. When our niece needed automobile insurance at the last minute to purchase a new car, not only did you take the time to patiently educate her about insurance but you also waited over 2 hours after your normal business hours on a Friday night to make sure that she was able to take her new car home that day. You are not only an outstanding, dedicated insurance agent but a truly wonderful person. We look forward to a long insurance relationship knowing that we have you looking after us."
Gillian and Brenda


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Preparing for a disaster can seem overwhelming and expensive. But start small with these free, basic steps.

  • Review your insurance coverage with us.
  • Create evacuation and shelter safety procedures, then practice them.
  • Talk with employees about the disaster plan.
  • Create an emergency contact list.
  • Learn what kind of emergencies might affect your small business.
  • Decide ahead of time what you can do if your building becomes unusable.
  • Create a list of inventory and equipment.
  • Ask utility companies about backup options.
  • Promote family and individual preparedness among employees.
  • Make emergency preparedness part of daily procedures and communications.

When you're ready to take your preparations to the next level, check out the free downloads at The site is full of ideas that range from the simple - buying a fire extinguisher - to the complex - installing a generator.