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"Obviously I have been pleased with Shepard Insurance Agency since when I needed to get insurance for all of my daughter's needs I chose Shepard over the other closer agencies. Service and attentiveness are key considerations in this type of relationship."
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"I just wanted to express, how very pleased I have been with all of you and your company throughout the years. All of your services provided to me were done very timely and professional. If I had any questions at all, one of you got back to me immediately. The customer service has been exquisite and I want to thank, every one of you, for your wonderful care. I realize that you sometimes had to go the extra mile for me and you certainly did it with a smile, courtesy and kindness. Your customer service has been impeccable. Thank you for being such a wonderful Insurance group and a fantastic team. "


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Does your condominium/townhome insurance cover any permanent improvements made to your unit? Probably not.

Many people mistakenly believe their homeowners' association policy covers interior improvements like floor coverings, cabinets, bookcases, wall coverings, kitchen appliances and light fixtures. Generally it does not. Additions and Alterations Coverage is protection you can purchase for interior improvements that you've made to your unit. The basic policy provides $2,000 of coverage, but you can increase this by increments of $1,000 up to an unlimited amount (some companies offer a maximum limit of $200,000). We recommend a minimum of $50,000 in coverage, but every unit is unique and you must determine the appropriate replacement value based on the improvements made to your unit.

Another coverage we recommend for condo and townhome owners is Loss Assessment Coverage. If your building is damaged by an insured loss or your association is sued, and the cost of that damage is not fully covered by your association's policy, this coverage would pay for your share of an assessment charged to all unit owners. The basic policy provides $1,000 of coverage, but you can increase this by increments of $1,000 up to a maximum limit of $50,000 or more. We recommend going with $50,000 in coverage. Earthquake Loss Assessment Coverage is also available, and provides the same type of coverage in the event of an earthquake.

Before purchasing either Additions and Alterations or Loss Assessment Coverage, first review your association’s master policy to find out what that policy covers, and what it doesn’t. From there, we can help you select the right coverage for you.