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"Obviously I have been pleased with Shepard Insurance Agency since when I needed to get insurance for all of my daughter's needs I chose Shepard over the other closer agencies. Service and attentiveness are key considerations in this type of relationship."
Los Angeles



"I want to thank your agency, and especially you for your professionalism. In the years we have been clients, all of our business has been not only straight forward and expedient, but pleasurable. We get all the information we need in an easy to understand way. Your suggestions are always welcome, and have created better protection for us. My wife and I thank you. "


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Cha-ching! Mercury Insurance Group recently announced rate cuts for about 1.7 million of its automobile and homeowner insurance customers, mainly in Southern California. Most of the cuts will go to automobile policyholders and, perhaps, offset at least a little pain from weekly hikes in gasoline prices.

The owners of 1.5 million cars will see 3 percent come off their annual bills. That works out to about $30 per vehicle, according to the California Department of Insurance. The cuts will take effect in August.

And now the bad news... After dropping in recent years, the cost of insuring your home may be going up for State Farm, Allstate and Farmers policyholders. California's three biggest insurers, covering more than half of insured homes, have requests for rate hikes pending with Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner. Third-ranked Allstate Corp. is seeking a rate increase of 9.3%. Industry leader State Farm General Insurance Co., and No. 2 Farmers Group Inc., are asking for 6.9% hikes.

If your homeowners insurance is with State Farm, Allstate or Farmers, give us a call at (818) 508-9925 or (661) 902-0360 to see how we can save you money with an insurance company that isn't asking for a rate hike.