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"I want to thank your agency, and especially you for your professionalism. In the years we have been clients, all of our business has been not only straight forward and expedient, but pleasurable. We get all the information we need in an easy to understand way. Your suggestions are always welcome, and have created better protection for us. My wife and I thank you. "



"Here at Integrated Home Construction, we take our business very, very seriously. That’s why when it comes to our insurance needs, we turn to the best: the people of Shepard Insurance Agency."
Van Nuys, CA


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Say you do decide to dial and drive. And say you cause a multi-car accident because you weren't paying attention. And say the damages and injuries exceed the limits of your auto insurance policy. What happens next?

Those other drivers might have a lien put on your house to cover their medical bills. Or, if you have an umbrella insurance policy, it kicks in and covers the additional costs.
Umbrella insurance protects you when the limits of your auto or home insurance have been exhausted and there are still damages to pay. So, if the liability limit on your car insurance policy is $250,000 of bodily injury protection per person and $500,000 per accident, but the other drivers have $750,000 in medical bills, your umbrella coverage pays the remaining $250,000. It works the same with homeowners' coverage.

Umbrella policies are available in differing amounts, so be sure to select coverage sufficient to protect your assets. If you have $1 million of assets (home, stocks, other investments) you should obtain at least a $1 million umbrella policy to protect those assets.

Because the majority of claim risk is paid by your primary auto or home policies, personal liability umbrellas are relatively inexpensive. Quotes are free, so it will be worth your while to call us at either (818) 508-9925 or (661) 295-4624 to ask about umbrella insurance. Just don't do it from the car (or if you do, use a hands-free device).