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"My name is Tony Laughlin and have been a client of Shepard Insurance Agency since late 1997. I came to this agency for the purpose of getting lower insurance rates. I not only found lower insurance rates, but I found by far, one the best agents in Ms. Luz Gomez. I unfortuneately have had a few incidents with my vehicles in the past, and I never felt that I was getting anything but top service. The phone calls are returned in very timely manner, and questions are answered as if they knew before they were asked. With the service I receive, I feel like I am their only client. There is no exaggeration in any of these comments, I feel the way I have explained. Thank you Shepard Insurance and a special thanks to Luz Gomez. "
Tony Laughlin



"I just wanted to express, how very pleased I have been with all of you and your company throughout the years. All of your services provided to me were done very timely and professional. If I had any questions at all, one of you got back to me immediately. The customer service has been exquisite and I want to thank, every one of you, for your wonderful care. I realize that you sometimes had to go the extra mile for me and you certainly did it with a smile, courtesy and kindness. Your customer service has been impeccable. Thank you for being such a wonderful Insurance group and a fantastic team. "


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It seems car thieves have found yet another way to steal your car or truck without any effort at all. They peer through your windshield, write down the Vehicle Identification Number from the label on the dash, go to the local car dealership and request a duplicate key based on the VIN.

Unfortunately, many car dealers' parts departments will make duplicate keys from the VIN number without confirming ownership of the vehicle.  The thief doesn't have to break in, do any damage, or draw attention to himself. All he has to do is walk up to your car, insert the key and drive away to a local chop shop. You don't believe it? It IS that easy.

The Sacramento Sheriff's Department says the best way to prevent this from happening is to put some electrical tape, duct tape, medical tape, or even a 3 X 5 card, across the VIN label on the dashboard. By law, you cannot remove the VIN, but you can cover it so a car thief can't view it through the windshield.

If you leave your car parked anywhere for an extended period, cover the VIN and protect yourself from being the next victim of this easy-to-use scam.