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15 for 15 pledge

Because we are a family, we treat you like a member of the family. That means you get our full attention, and that's why we committed ourselves to the 15-15 Pledge. *We guarantee *that when you call customer during office hours, your call will be answered by one of our staff within *15 seconds, *or you will receive a *$15 gas card. *We are proud to report that more than a year after making the pledge we have fulfilled our promise on *100% of our customer calls. *Credit for this accomplishment goes to our dedicated staff members, who demonstrate their commitment to your satisfaction every day!

September 2008

Free Gas in the ‘Fast Lane'

Fast Lane to $50We've rolled out a new referral program to reward current clients who let us help their friends and family save money on insurance and improve their coverage. It's called "Fast Lane to $50" and unlike the freeway, everyone gets ahead.

It works like this: You send your friends or family members our way. We do a free, no-obligation evaluation of their current insurance. They find out whether we can get them better coverage, lower premiums, or both.

If they purchase a new policy from us, they get a $25 gas card. And so do you. It's the fastest way we know of to make $50.

We look forward to providing those you know with the same great service you've come to appreciate from us.

So do yourself - and your friends - a favor and have them call (818) 508-9925 or (661) 902-0360 so we can fill you both up.

Fast Lane Referral

Renters Need Insurance Too

For RentWe're always preaching the importance of adequate homeowners' insurance coverage, but it's just as important for renters to be properly insured.

Why is that, you ask, since the landlord is responsible for any damage to the home, apartment or condo? Because renters' insurance protects all of your stuff inside the dwelling, like your flat screen TV, your furniture, all your clothes, and the rest of your belongings.

Here's the best part: We offer coverage that is nearly $100 less than the average annual premium, which the Insurance Information Institute shows is $257.

Our program with Mercury Insurance Group provides $25,000 of contents coverage for $165 a year in some areas, plus a 10% discount on annual car insurance if your auto policy is also with Mercury.

Given the relative affordability of renter's insurance, it's surprising that it's not more popular with Los Angeles-area residents.

According to recent findings from a large national insurance company, 35 percent of the California renters the company surveyed carry protection for their belongings, but only 27 percent in L.A. do. In contrast, 53 percent of San Francisco-area respondents opted for such insurance.

Another area in the falling-down department: the company notes that 80 percent of L.A. renters haven't compiled a Home Inventory Checklist, compared with 73 percent statewide.

Whether you are an insured renter or homeowner, that checklist will come in handy when you need to file a claim.
(Click here to access the Shepard Insurance Home Inventory Checklist)

So here's your to-do list if you're a renter - call us at (818) 508-9925 or (661) 902-0360 and ask about renters' insurance, then download and complete our free Home Inventory Checklist.

Don't Let New Workers' Comp Rates
Trip You Up

Man on FloorWe've got good news and bad news on workers' comp rates.

First the good news: Your rates will probably not go up next year.

Ready for the bad news? After 2009 they could jump almost 20 percent.

The state's non-partisan Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) made a recommendation last month to the Department of Insurance to increase workers' compensation insurance rates by at least 16 percent.

Why the big increase? The price-cutting effects of recent legislative reforms in the state may have bottomed out. And, medical-cost inflation continues to rise while the frequency of claims, which had been declining, has flattened.

The increase breaks down like this:

  • 10.8 percent is due to increased medical costs.
  • 2.8 percent is attributed to increased loss-adjustment expenses.
  • 1.8 percent is from other factors.

Where's the remaining 4 percent? If proposed changes to the permanent disability rating schedule are adopted by the state, pure premium rates could jump another 3.7 percent, for a total increase of nearly 20 percent. That 3.7 percent increase would affect "the unexpired portion" of workers' compensation policies purchased in 2008 that extend into 2009.

When can you expect a bigger bill in the mail? Due to competition amongst the many carriers we represent, business owners with a clean claim history will probably not experience a significant price hike next year and the Department of Insurance is unlikely to force carriers to adopt such a high rate increase.

But, with medical and disability costs on the rise, it will be tough for insurance carriers to maintain their current pricing structure for the legitimate workers' compensation claims. So expect a price hike after 2009.

What's a savvy insurance buyer to do? Have us look at your policy and shop for some great rates among our carriers now, before rates go up. Call us at (818) 508-9925 or (661) 902-0360.

10 Free Steps for Business Disaster Preparedness

FirefighterPreparing for a disaster can seem overwhelming and expensive. But start small with these free, basic steps.

  • Review your insurance coverage with us.
  • Create evacuation and shelter safety procedures, then practice them.
  • Talk with employees about the disaster plan.
  • Create an emergency contact list.
  • Learn what kind of emergencies might affect your small business.
  • Decide ahead of time what you can do if your building becomes unusable.
  • Create a list of inventory and equipment.
  • Ask utility companies about backup options.
  • Promote family and individual preparedness among employees.
  • Make emergency preparedness part of daily procedures and communications.

When you're ready to take your preparations to the next level, check out the free downloads at The site is full of ideas that range from the simple - buying a fire extinguisher - to the complex - installing a generator.

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